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Born 23/3/1991 in Tallinn, lives and works there. Freelance actor and director.


2014 – 2018       Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
2016_-                 Rose Bruford College, London / erasmus
2015_-                 Danish National School of Performing Arts / erasmus
2010 – 2013       Estonian Art Academy / fine arts department, graphics and printmaking

2019     Nordic Stage Fight Society summer school – quarterstaff, rapier and dagger, sword and shield
2018     Nordic Stage Fight Society summer school – rapier, broadsword, hand combat
2017     commedia dell’ arte workshop, Giorgio Bongiovanni
Estonian Stagefight Society winter schools and other training days (2017-2019)



2022    BLACKBIRD, Sakala 3 Theatre
_______COME ON HOME, Ugala Theatre (upcoming)

2021     DARKLIGHT, Endla Teater

2020    NOTHING, Theatre Vanemuine
               MINDGAME, LendTheatre
2019     I AM THE WIND, Paide Theatre/Vaba Lava
              MATCHES (excerpt), Golden Mask young directors workshop
2018     KNIVES IN HENS, Köismäe tower/Hobuveski


2021     PLASTIC MITTENS, director E. Bruus, music video for Genka
             THE BUTTERFLY, director Ü. Saaremäe
_______MOUTH PROBLEMS, director O. Niemi, BFM thesis film
PRELUDE TO EMPTINESS, director V. Ruumet, BFM thesis film (post-producion)
              WHITE SNOW, director N. Khomeriki, MosFilm/Homeless Bob Productions
              REVENGE OFFICE (season 25, episodes 1 and 2), director A. Prosa
2019     TOGETHER FOREVER, STL, director B. Lehtna
2018     FORGET/DREAM, Tartu Uus Theatre, director I. Jõela
              12 ANGRY, Paide Music and Theatre House/Tartu Uus Theatre, director M. Koldits
2017     LEARNED LADIES, Estonian Drama Theatre, director L. Peterson
             PÖFF opening ceremony, Nokia Conctert Hall, director I. Jõela
             …IF I SHOULD DIE A HUNDRED DEATHS…, EMTA/ERM, directors A. Türnpu, M. Koldits, E. Koldits
             CONGREGATION, Von Krahl Theatre, director M. Kangro
             NOДВЕНАДЦАТЬ, Theatre NO99, director S. Pepelyayev
             NO37,8 Drama School Action: Drag show, director J. Nael, Theatre NO99
2016     EMPIRE, Theatre Von Krahl, director M. Koldits
              PÖFF opening ceremony, Nokia Concert Hall, director I. Jõela
              KINDNESS, Theatre NO99, director B. Claessens


2020    NOTHING, dramatization from the novel „Nothing“
2019     THE DROWNED, a play
              ESTONIAN GODS, Paide Theater, director J. Teevet
2018     DAZLIOUS, dramatization of the movie „Snow Cake“
2017     COPPER, a play
2016     FATHER, a short play


2019     Estonian Theatre Awards for 2018 – „Knives in Hens“
              Best male leading role – Andrus Vaarik – winner
              Best male supporting role – Andres Mähar – nominee
              Best artist – Eugen Tamberg – nominee

2017     Estonian Theatre Agency’s playwriting competition, 3rd place, „Copper“


Estonan Theatre Society and Estonian Actors’ Society
Estonian Directors’ and Dramaturgs’ Society
Nordic Stagefight Society
Estonian Stagefight Society


Estonian            mother tongue
English              very good
German            good